Learning Resources

Learning Resources

Before you pack, find out

Learning Resources supports the academic life of the College by providing cutting edge resources and study environments.

You will automatically get registered to use our facilities when you join us.

College Library

You may already be familiar with the library at the College and will know that this is a vital resource for success in your studies. Effective use of the library is a skill – one which we hope you will develop during your time here. Your attention is drawn in particular to the section on plagiarism, and you are reminded that this covers information obtained through the Internet.

Computing facilities

computing services gives authorised users access to the students covering all subjects taught at the college.

Software provision ranges from standard office applications, such as Word-Processing (Microsoft Word), Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel), Databases (Microsoft Access) and Presentations (Microsoft Power Point), through specialist programmes such as Visual C++, Visual Basic and Heavy Databases such as Oracle. Access to Internet, email, and many external resources is available from all networked PCs located throughout the campus. The students can also benefit from Wi-Fi wireless internet access across the campus.


Materials have a specified loan period to ensure that high-demand items are kept in circulation. A full range of supporting services are provided, such as reservations, access to printing and photocopying facilities. The library catalogue provides in-depth information about individual titles and other information resources.

Other Resources

To ensure that students have the best learning resources available, IIM Bedford will allow students access to online and public libraries in the vicinity.