English Language Courses

English Courses

IIM Bedford is one of the oldest English language school in Luton. We are also one of the biggest TOEFL testing centre in East of England and we administer around 1500 TOEFL Tests every year.

English learning is at the core of IIM Bedford. We are one of the oldest English language school in Luton and we pride in providing the best teaching and learning here at IIM Beford.


  • All of our teachers hold a degree and appropriate EFL teaching qualification along with years of teaching experience.
  • We use a range of teaching techniques to suit multiple learning styles and different teaching methodologies.
  • Our classes are student-centred: it is the student activity and performance that matter.
  • Each lesson is tailored to provide students with communicative practice usable in real life. Different subskills are integrated in each lesson motivating students to stay involved and develop all language skills evenly.
  • We use elements of task-based learning, in which learning is driven by communicative needs rather than a set syllabus.
  • Students are encouraged to adapt course syllabi to their needs and interests
  • Activity types used in our lessons

  • Error recognition and Correction
  • Outdoor activities – We take our students to various outdoor places so that they can implement what they learn in class.
  • Guided reading and writing practice
  • Pronunciation and grammar drills
  • Grammar and vocabulary discovery activities
  • Mock exams
  • Role-plays
  • Group and pair discussions
  • Language games
  • Performance Monitoring

  • Every student’s progress is closely monitored by their class teacher and students provided with feedback and optional one-on-one academic support. Learning support sessions with a tutor are free.
  • Weak students are given extra attention and extra work.
  • Weekly unit tests and 6-weekly progress tests track progress and identify weaker areas.
  • Following each progress test, students receive progress reports and tutorials reviewing their performance and helping them achieve future learning aims.
  • We collect student feedback to make sure students are happy with all aspects of teaching and class management
  • Levels

  • Beginner (A1)
  • Elementary (A2)
  • Pre-Intermediate (B1)
  • Mid-Intermediate (B1/B2)
  • Upper-Intermediate (B2)
  • Advanced (C1)
  • Proficiency (C2)