Level 6 Extended Diploma In Business & Administrative Management

Inspired by the MBA model, the Extended Diploma is equivalent to a three year university bachelor degree. It is aimed at practising managers and aspiring senior managers who wish to develop their skills through multiples levels of management. You will develop a comprehensive approach to business together with the analytical and evaluative skills necessary for those in management positions. This will include becoming accustomed to leadership practices, strategic planning, as well as research methods and techniques. The wide range of topics covered ensures that you will achieve high-level knowledge across a large number of areas within the field of strategic management with units becoming gradually more difficult as you progress.

Programme Scope

Credit value: 360


Masters and other postgraduate university


Level 4 and 5 unit groups as well as units 661/662/664 are assessed by an examination or written assignment. Units 663/667 are assessed by a reflective portfolio. Unit 669 is assessed by a business research project. All remaining units are assessed by a written assignment.

Programme factsheet

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More information

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